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Having a nickname is today's society is almost a requirment. In the internet world if you use social media websites, online games, or Email you should be aware of how important it is to have a nickname. I am sure none of us like using our real names on the internet especially with all the safety issues via web. It is also important to have a nickname within real life as well. A good nickname in real life or even cyber world can help raise self esteem or you can either be the laughing stock either way nicknames are always going to be around as long as there are people in the world. Having a nickname can also draw us closer to people and build stronger relationships. So why not have a nickname? It has even been shown having a nickname within a business setting can increase profits. Now that sounds like a win to me!

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Hunting for that right fitting nickname may be a huge pain. Don't worry we have done most of the work for you. We have several categories for you browse through if you are stumped at finding your special nickname. Our categories of nicknames include funny, cool, mean, romantic, terrible, movie tv inspired, music inspired, and even nicknames for cars. We even have nicknames for all your favorite social media websites (Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, AOL, and chat rooms) Here you can find those pet names for couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, and significant others whether they are dirty, funny, romantic, or sweet we have them in our list. If you are looking for a nickname for your kids we also have nicknames for girls, boys, kids, and baby. Huge sports fan? Need to know a player or team's nickname? We have a couple lists of famous athlete nicknames in football, hockey, baseball, basketball, and team nicknames. We even have nicknames based on professions.

If you have a genre or list to add make sure to contact us. If you have a nickname to add to a category go a head and submit it with our "Submit a nickname" icon above. All you will need to do is make a free account and add your nicknames to appropriate category and you are done! Pretty simple stuff! Feel free to add a nickname at anytime. Have fun looking around and I hope you can find a great nickname today!

All Categories of nicknames

Based on Profession
Maybe your boss is one of those overbearing control freak come in on Saturday types or just plain cool, sweet, or nice? Show them how much you care or appreciate the hard work with a cool, funny, or a rude nickname! Depending on your profession or your friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, dads, moms profession we have it all. Ranging from accountants, bosses, doctors, lawyers, nurses, or teachers we have a wide selection to choose from. You can even find your own awesome nickname to use in your career and increase your status quo. Make a name for yourself and be the best in your field with a funny nickname. If you have a cool, mean, hilarious, or any nickname for a profession don't be afraid and submit one today!
Common / Proper Names
Want to spice up your long name with something shorter? Having trouble finding the right nickname for your name? Want to add something funny to your name? Or just curious on what your name would be shortened to? You can use this as your own special guide for seeking out that shortened name for your baby, husband, wife, or children. Here is a great source for some common nicknames for names you might not have thought of or have even heard in your lifetime. Surprise us, add your suggestions of a shortened or alternative nicknames for your name.
Looking for a cool nickname? Want that awesome nickname for someone special? A cool nickname is almost a requirement in today's world. If you are active in the online world and video games then you certainly realize the importance of a cool nickname. We have a variety and large selection of cool nicknames for chat rooms, social media networks, and email including Facebook, MSN, AOL AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo! We also have nicknames for your significant other boyfriends or girlfriends. Even names for relatives including Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, and Grandpa. If you have any cool nicknames to add please add your suggestions.
Cool Spanish Nicknames
Spanish nicknames are my all time favorite nicknames. They just seem to roll off the tongue, and most have very powerful meanings. Here is a list of some unique cool nicknames and their meanings. You may also rate the nickname that you like or dislike most by using our thumbs up or thumbs down feature. Feel free to browse all our Spanish nicknames and also add the ones you like if we don't have them and be sure to add the meaning to your nickname!
Affectionate, cute, and pet names are generally used in relationships as a way to show love to another person. Affectionate and cute nicknames can be something personal to describe a loved one or something that is dear to your heart and will always remember or just be plain embarrassing. Our list includes nicknames for gals, guys, boyfriends, girlfriends, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, babies, spouses, pets, Facebook, chat, Yahoo, and everything that has a cute nickname. Hopefully you will find a nickname that fits just right and has the ultra cuteness factor that will melt hearts.
Dirty / Naughty / Vulgar
Whether you use a dirty nickname behind closed doors with that special someone we all know of some naughty, vulgar, gross nicknames. Sometimes a dirty nickname can be funny or embarrassing so please use caution when using a vulgar nickname. Most of the dirty nicknames are inappropriate and too sexual to use in public places and best to be kept in the bedroom or at home. Some of the nicknames are simple and some you question. They have nicknames for that?! That nickname means what?! Oh wow so gross! Have fun looking below you may just find one you like.
For Baby
Have a look at our special nicknames for baby. We may have something you like for your little one whether the nickname is for a boy or girl you can virtually use a nickname for any gender. We have a great selection of cute, silly, funny, embarrassing, and wonderful nicknames for your child. You can even use the site to come up with that special nickname for your little bambino on your own. Have any special nicknames you call your baby? We would be grateful to see what you everyone comes up or what you call your youngsters right now.
For Boys
Dude, who said nicknames can't be manly? Need a cute embarrassing nickname for your boyfriend or son? Ladies need a special sweet nickname for your gentleman? Maybe you just need a secret nickname only couple share together? Show him how much you care by giving him a nickname! Whether your guy is a hot stud, rugged, cute, funny, sweet, rude, your brother, dad, uncle, or husband we have a variety of nicknames for all lads and chaps. Guys and gals, if you have any nicknames you would like to contribute to the website we would love to hear them and your short story on why you call your fellow the things you do!
For Cars / Automobiles
Here is a list for nicknames for cars and automobiles. You could be looking for a cool, funny, awesome, hardcore sounding nickname for your hot rod this is a great place to start. All depending on what type of car you own I hope you can find the best car nickname for your car. It is common now for people to give nicknames to their cars even if they are sweet and affectionate have to make your car feel special sometimes right? A lot of nicknames are given to cars based on the colors of the car or what type of car it is. So have fun with this list and don't forget to add your own car or automobile nickname.
For Girls
On the hunt for a perfect nickname for your funny lady friend? Want a nickname for that special gal that only you and her know what it means? Or maybe you have a cutey patootie and would like to call her something sweet? Oh, you just want to impress that amazing woman and melt her heart with a sweet nickname? Help out that damsel in distress and take a look at our selection of nicknames for girls, girlfriends, daughter, mom, grandma, aunt, niece, and everything else that is a lady . It's amazing how many nicknames are out there for the ladies so try adding your own!
For Grandma
This section is all about nicknames for Grandma. Usually nicknames are from family names or tradition, Grandma's preference on what to be called, or even from a Grandchild's trouble in pronouncing the word Grandma. Whether you are Grandma or Gigi we have a pretty good list for you to start looking for a nickname for your Grandma. If you are having a tough time deciding on what to call your Grandparent we have nicknames including funny nicknames, cute nicknames, cool nicknames, sweet nicknames, hip nicknames, and trendy nicknames. We also have nicknames for all types of Grandmothers from young, middle aged, to elderly we have them all.
For Kids
Nicknames for kids is a great way to make your son or daughter feel special. There are plenty of nicknames for your kids out there for all ages. Many parents give nicknames for each child for things that they may do or say. Sometimes nicknames can some from a child's personality, physical characteristics, or actions. If you are looking for a funny, cute, sweet, cool nickname for little one you have found the right place. We may have the right nickname for your son or daughter. What are some nicknames you have for your children? We would like to hear them so add them to the site.
We all love funny, silly, absurd nicknames. Having a hard time finding that laughable nickname? Have a look at our large selection of hilarious nicknames for girls, guys, girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives, or anything that is funny. Browse through our selection and maybe you will find a cute funny nickname or a dirty funny nickname. You can even find a funny nickname for chat, Facebook, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, or email. A great list to find a silly nickname for your friends, teachers, profession, or for your favorite online video game characters. If you have a funny and hilarious nickname to contribute we would love to see them!
Gangster Nicknames
Gangsters are usually called nicknames based on ones appearance, attitude, or personality type. Usually a gangster nickname is used in place of a real name or just added to your real name. Here we have a good list of those funny, cool, trendy, and hip nicknames for your inner mobster or gangster. We have one of the best selections of mafia, gangster, mobster nicknames for girls and boys. If you have any gangster nicknames to contribute to the site feel free to add them!
Mean / Rude
Searching for a rude nickname to get back at someone or a nemesis? Did you get teased a lot by classmates or siblings? Called some immature nickname in school and you hated it with a passion? or just need a nickname for that pesky sibling of yours? Well look no further we may have some nicknames just right for you! Including nasty, malicious, bad, unfriendly, dangerous, rotten, shameless low-down and dirty nicknames for you to use. For entertainment purposes only. Please use caution when using a mean nickname. We wouldn't want to hurt any feelings...or do we?
Movie / TV Inspired
Nicknames based off of TV shows, commercials, and movies. You can even find your favorite actors nickname. Most of the movies and TV shows out today use nicknames on their shows for characters to express their personality traits. Even some of the names used to for actors are their actual nicknames and not their true born with name. There are a lot of funny, dirty, cute nicknames in the entertainment industry can you think of any to add? Maybe you have one you came up with your girlfriend or boyfriend you heard or saw from your favorite TV series or movie?
Music Inspired (songs, bands, etc)
Some nicknames are chosen by pieces of songs because they have special meaning behind them or simple it could just be your favorite artist, band, song. Even some bands have nicknames. Nicknames are commonly used among musicians. An artist's nickname sometimes becomes their stage name, and there are performers being known almost exclusively by their nicknames as opposed to their birth name. This is a good place to learn about the funny, cool, awesome nicknames some artist's have come up for themselves and why. Some of the most common nicknames and stage names in the music industry are listed here.
Social Media
Since we can't use or full names on the internet it is imperative to find the best nickname for yourself. It is hard to find a cool nickname for your favorite social media networks now because a lot of them are already being used. Hopefully you can find a nickname that suits your personality whether you are funny, cool, sad, or mean. We have a wonderful selection for you to choose from including nicknames for; Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Email, ICQ, chat rooms, and video games. Tell someone your personality via your screen name or just make up a nickname that no one has any idea what you mean. So why not strive to have the best alias on the internet? Choose an awesome nickname for yourself.
State Nicknames
States have nicknames as well usually referring to certain state laws, environments of the state, agriculture of the state, people of the state, or even the way the state looks on the map. Even America is a nickname for The United States of America. For example Georgia is known as the “Peach State” because of their reputation for producing the highest quality fruit. Idaho is called the "Gem State" because nearly every gem has been found there. Alaska is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, because the sun shines nearly around the clock during Alaskan summers. Are there any State nicknames we may have missed? Feel free to add any!
Worst / Terrible
Most of us have a horrible nickname our friends gave to us or even our parents. The nicknames that make you cringe everytime someone call you it. You certainly wouldn't want that nickname to get out if it's embarrassing. So you want to get even or back at someone? We have come together and made a list of all those horrible, terrible, unappealing, worst nicknames out there. If you are looking for a tasteless nickname for someone or something this is a great place to start. If you think you have the worst embarrassing nickname in the whole world submit it and tell us your story.
Pet Names For Couples
Searching for a cute, romantic, funny nickname to call your relationship? A lot of today's celebrities have been dubed nicknames based on the first names of each person then combined them together. Using a nickname for your sweetheart status can really strengthen your relationship and having a nickname for you both is really fun too. Let people refer to you both by your nickname. A nickname can also build your relationship stronger even if you use the nicknames in public and everyone stares at you like you are both crazy. A Nickname is a great way to show how much you love one another and they can also spice up some intimacy into your relationship. So make your sweetheart status official and find yourseleves a nickname today.
Pet Names for Girls
Are you considering a romantic, sexy, funny, pet name for your spouse or lover? Here we offer a few ideas for you to call her. Make your gal feel wanted, loved, and special by calling her a sweet nickname. You can be sure she will really appreciate the time you put into thinking of a nickname for her. Not only will a cute nickname build your relationship it may also spice up the intimacy in it as well. You can even use a secret nickname only you and her know about. Whatever your preference we would love to hear your suggestions. What are some pet names you call your lady out there?
Pet Names for Guys
Browsing for cute, funny, or a romantic pet name to call your boyfriend or husband? Whether your husband or boyfriend is too cool to have a nickname having private nickname for your significant other can really build your relationship stronger. Who cares if you use the nickname in public and everyone stares at you both like you're crazy right? Instead of using his old boring name get creative with your own silly names for him. There are tons of pet names for your special guy so take a peak of selection and possibly add some of your own.
In sport's today most baseball players are known by their creative aliases rather then their real name. Baseball nicknames have been around for as long as the game has been played. More then any other sport fans seem to thrive on baseball player nicknames. Most nicknames in baseball have been given to players by the fans whether they are cool, funny, or serious the nicknames show the players actions within the game or even outside of the game. Whether you are looking for ideas for your new baseball name or a famous athlete's nickname take a look at our list and even add some of your own!
There are so many nicknames in the sport of basketball players today. Whether they are funny or silly most of them demonstrate per dominance in the sport. Players nicknames are often based on the player's playing style or even physical characteristics of the player. Even some of the nicknames that the player have are given to them by fans, coaches, or self given. If you are a basketball player let this list guide you towards your new basketball nickname. Or if you are just curious what your favorite basketball players nickname is we may have it, but if we don't be sure to add it!
Most celebrities in today's world have nicknames. They have acquired them from childhood and through out life. When it comes to celebrities we as fans know them by their stage names and nicknames than their real names on birth certificates. Why do celebrities come up with such weird, funny, crazy, and cool nicknames to call themselves? They must be awesome nicknames in order for some of them to officially change their name to. Have a look at our list, we have added some nicknames for famous actors, actresses, musicians, and celebrity couples. You can even add some of your own nickname suggestions. I am sure with as many celebrities out there the list could grow.
Celebrity Couples
Basically celebrity couple nicknames are the act of merging two names together whether it be last name or first name. This has become a common thing in the celebrity world and in the press. Tabloids love this kind of stuff it's a heck of a lot easier to talk about couples this way because it refers to both of them as a whole unit and catches a fan's eyes. Sometimes celebs can even get couple nicknames if they have only been dating or married for a very short period or time. Most of the names are quite funny and silly, but pretty much Bennifer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez) are to blame for these celebrity couple nicknames today. Do you know any celebrity couple nicknames? If you have any suggestions please add them.
Many of today's professional football players have nicknames based on performance or actions the player has done. Almost all nicknames within football are earned. Most of the football nicknames today are given by fans, by other football players, or self given. Nicknames allow the fans to feel an emotional attachment with the player. They also help fans feel closer to their favorite team. If you are interested in finding a special player's nickname have a look at our list and possibly add some of your own!
It is not uncommon for a hockey player to have a nickname whether the nickname is a funny one, silly, serious, basic, or just mean sounding. Nicknames play a big part in hockey today. Nicknames allow fans to become closer with the team and team players. Usually the nicknames in hockey are given to people by fans, teammates, coaches, and owners. As long as there are teammates, we will continue to have nicknames. Have fun and enjoy our list. I am sure we may have missed some so please be a "Great One" today and add your suggestions to the list!
Movie / TV Stars
In today's media whether it is movie or television most actors and actresses use a stage name. They use this method because sometimes their names are too easy to pronounce or way too foreign and long to say or spell. A lot of us would refer to these certain actors by their nicknames instead of their birth certificate names. The Screen Actor’s Guild only allows one actor to have a certain name so good stage name and nickname can make or break your career. They are rely on a memorable nickname so the fans won't forget who they are in time. We have set up a list of these famous nicknames so have a look. If we are forgetting any feel free to add some.
A nickname in the music industry is almost required in today's society. Whether the nickname is one you had while growing up, acquired through out life, or one your fans gave to you it is very important to have one so the mass media can call you that name for short and it's also easily remembered. Not saying that all musicians have nicknames or have changed their real names to their nicknames, but more often then not the fans will refer to the musician by stage nickname. There are just too many nicknames in the music industry today that barely any of us know the music star's real birth name. Can you think of any musician with a nickname? If you can great! Add it to the site.
Through different eras team nicknames have become less common. Usually team nicknames were given to a team based on uniform color, the way the team plays, age of players, school name, actions of the coach, or given to them by the media and fans. team nicknames give the fans a sense of being connected to the team and it makes sports a lot more fun. Can you think of any to add? Be a Whiz Kid and help us add some team nicknames to the site. All suggestions are greatly appreciated!